Meet Your New Saxophone Teacher: Michael Peloquin

Michael Peloquin was born and raised in Champaign, Illinois, on the far south side of Chicago. He migrated west to San Francisco in 1984.

Michael plays tenor, baritone and alto saxophones plus diatonic and chromatic harmonicas. He also is lead & harmony vocalist as well as an arranger & composer.

He has performed, toured the world and recorded with masters of Blues and R&B such as: Jeff Beck, Albert King, Ernest Ranglin, John Lee Hooker, Jr., Narada Michael Walden, Johnnie Johnson, E.C. Scott, Larry Davis, Tommy Castro, Chris Cain, Sy Klopps, Mitch Woods and John Nemeth. These experiences have been an education in American roots music that has helped to form his melting-pot sound, as witnessed on his extensive discography.

On this DVD series: Pro Saxophone Secrets Made Simple, you will learn everything you need to know to play killer saxophone as fast as possible.

New DVD Course!

"Pro Saxophone Secrets
Made Simple"

If you can only practice for 15 minutes a day, hey that's fine. Believe me, a leisurely pace works - it just takes a little longer. On the other hand, if you want to stay up all night learning with me, that's cool too. It's completely up to you. And once you own these DVDs, you can watch them whenever want, so there's never any deadlines.


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